Tuesday, November 24, 2015

White , Purple and Pink Mustache Collage

Ahhh...the mustache...I see it all over , seems the mustache is poppin nowadays and the one you probably see the most is I heart mustache. So to keep that mustache theme poppin I decided to try my hand at making some mustache designs and see what pops up. This is one of those designs. Its a collage of different types of mustaches in the colors purple and pink with a white background. Its started off as all black and white but I felt it needed a bit of color and this is what I ended up with when I got done. I plan on adding a few more things with this design like a duvet , maybe a watch and or a full print shirt stop by and check this post again later on.

White, Purple and Pink Mustache Collage

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check out this dude and his mustache troubles while you wait.

funny mustache - YouTube

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