Saturday, November 14, 2015

Break Time

Break Time (cases, shirts and more)

When I started this design I was thinking about music and break dancing. I was going to give it as much of an 80's feel as possible but just couldn't think of much to add with the boom box and dancers. Break time was my theme name because it was about break dancing. Gold came to mind later because big dookie gold ropes and chains were in back then. This was the final result. Came out pretty nice with black and gold as the main colors. When I was done I looked at it and thought break time...break kind of reminded me of how excited people get when its break time at work. People happy as hell excited and doing flips and what .. So it can be seen in two ways I guess. As a dancer letting you know its time to break or "break it down" and get sikk with it and or as a worker whos letting you know they love break time..its the best part of your work day besides going home.. Either way its pretty coo.

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