Thursday, May 28, 2015

you are fabulous

the chef says it himself. ..pure perfection. .you are fabulous.

Beautiful & Veluptuous

Real women have curves...thank God because I love em sexy wife knows that. I love her thickness... nowadays a major portion of the world loves em thick. They even have a name for sexy curvey women...usually called a BBW ( Big Beautiful Woman) In today's world you can be husky and still considered to be beautiful. Shit we even have plus sized models now.. so this pic in a way pays tribute to those of us who are on the plus side and still are sexy, beautiful & veluptuous. The symbols below the girl stand for beautiful & veluptuous. Fellas this applys to some of us too because some view us the same, gorgeous,beautiful and veluptuous. Yes we too can be considered
beautiful veluptuous woman
beautiful veluptuous woman by Ourcorner
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True Fans Rock

Every entrepreneur, blogger, and so on, knows that without the people, the fans and followers we would never be as successful as we are without them. They are the ones who keep things rolling not for just us but this whole country. They work for us, buy our goodies and support us in what we do,so they deserve a lil recognition for all they do. Thank you to those of you who help keep things rolling and supporting one the pic says YOU ROCK. &

Blood is thicker than water

The symbols below the pic stand for "blood is thicker than water". This saying as you may know usually is brought up when it comes to family and bad situations.
blood is thicker than water
blood is thicker than water by Ourcorner
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overly confident dude

Summer is amongst us ladies be aware of this dude because you will see him everywhere and he comes in many shapes sizes and colors. Fellas if this is you dont be a dog about it and you may just get who or what you want.
overly confident dude
overly confident dude by Ourcorner
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Party Time Rocker Girl Watch Dat watch place

Party Time Rocker Girl Watch Dat watch place

Your Fucking Annoying

Ever had someone that just got under your skin and made you want to say "uggghh..your sooo fucking annoying"? Well I have and it doesn't matter if its fam or love your fam and maybe even this person but you cant stand thier annoying ways. After i created this i figured this could be a lil suttle way of letting someone know they are bothering you or even better , not to bother you at all.

I love music girl

Didnt come out exactly as I wanted but its still a nice pic I love music so naturally I create things that showcase that love for music. This is just one of those things.

celestial angel

I think this is one of the coolest ive created from a visual aspect. The colors pop out even though thier from the darker side of the color spectrum. Basically this celestial angel is watching over the planet.
celestial angel
celestial angel by Ourcorner
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This is some of my free hand work..I made this doodle while eating with my lady..I couldn't think of a name and she had written this drowning in the sorrows of yesterdays tomorrows. I thought this was a perfect name for the face. In short it basically states that your drowning in the sorrows of yesterday even still today..
drowning in the sorrows
drowning in the sorrows by Ourcorner
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

entrepreneur tie for business minded people

This tie diplays my entrepreneur design and boldly lets you know that the wearer of the tie is a business mann or the symbols placed above and below the text symbolize money and power, which are two things entrepreneurs have whether they realize it or not.
entrepreneur tie
entrepreneur tie by Ourcorner
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interstellar dragon earth

Interstellar dragon earth came to mind after I combined the images. This is the dragons earth and they will protect it with thier souls if need be.
Interstellar dragon Earth
Interstellar dragon Earth by Ourcorner
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what am I (2)

Sounds like genitalia to me..what you think ? My wife got this one wrong. .seems her mind was in the gutter on this one. How about you..what do think ? Check the back of the shirt for the answer.
what am I (peanut butter)
what am I (peanut butter) by Ourcorner
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interstellar dragon soul

When I made this, thought to myself dragons are usually earth based creatures. So I decided to call it interstellar dragon soul because of the obvious interstellar Planet in which the dragon looks like hes ready to attack. The dragon itself doesn't look like your regular scaley fire breathing dragon but more like the soul of one to me.
Interstellar dragon soul
Interstellar dragon soul by Ourcorner
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what am I (1)

Some people always have thier minds in the gutter, either thinking something nasty or negative. This shirt is a cool way to find out how a person is thinking. Whats your mind state.. the answer to the question is on the back of the shirt.

pure 50 year old nonsense

A real adult should be able to stand up on thier own and take care of thier business like a real adult. They shouldn't be depending on men,women or thier parents to live. If your able body and can do it then stand on your own and dont use other people as your lifes crutch. Honestly once those people in your life that hold you up disappear,what will you do ? What will you have ? So if your of adult age then do yourself a favor and stand on your own and take care of your responsibilities as an adult.

Friday, May 15, 2015


In short SABALI stands for patience which is something we all need but many of us lack. Not having patience can lead to premature problems so to speak. It can cause you to do some dumb things without really thinking about the outcome. Alot of people end up in jail or dead due to lack of patience. Its something we all must learn and practice.
SABALI patience shirt
SABALI patience shirt by Ourcorner
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SABALI patience shirt
SABALI patience shirt by Ourcorner
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pure nonsense

Pure nonsense popped into my head one day as I was on my way to work. Im moving along doing about 70 and im passing a few cars then boom..I see it..dude was in the slow lane and it didnt appear as if he was trying to pass the car in front of him and next thing you know he jumps in front of me just as im about to pass that point I was thinking to myself ok dude just move it since you jumped in front of me like thing I know the car that was in front of him in the slow lane is pulling away from im irritated like WTF man! Then dude does the unbelievable, he jumps back into the slow lane and continues going slow. That pissed me off because I was moving along when he jumped in front of me doing around 60. So I sped up to pass him but not before I pulled along side him and gave him that long ass stare like dude that was pure need at all for that shit which made no sense at all. As I pulled away from him I couldn't help but think..dat was pure nonsense.
pure nonsense
pure nonsense by Ourcorner
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keep calm..dont get shit faced

Keeping calm in bad situations is alot harder than it seems. If you have a quick temper or are quickly irritated its almost impossible. In this interpretation being shit faced is not just being wasted... when I say shit faced I mean when you get to that point when shit is just falling all out the mouth and your saying a whole bunch of shit you wouldn't be saying if you were cool and calm. That easily happens when your drunk or keep calm people and dont get shit faced unless you have to..

Im the Boss

The BOSS...nowadays everybody wants to be a boss..the crazy thing is you start life off as a boss..think about it, you dont have to do anything you would have to do as an adult. You are constanly being waited on, you dont have to feed yourself, wipe yourself or anything. Just eat, sleep, poop and thats a boss.

when duty calls

When duty calls you gotta answer...sometimes things happen and duty calls for us to take action, and if you dont react to it you may end up missing your chance to do your thing. For have to poop but your in the middle of doing something so you hold it in as long as you can but dutys calling and your not answering. The outcome is you pooping on yourself...even worse if theres someone around now you have to deal with that embarrassing ordeal.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

got bling gold watch

I came up with this design originally for a watch I made at This was one of the first pieces I made to add to any products. .now you can add this design to many other products besides watches. .I also made a pair of party shades to go with the watches or whatever else I make with this pic.
got bling
got bling by Ourcorner
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