Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fearless Inspiration

Fearless... definitely a strong word when it comes to a warrior or a leader. Many of us look up to those who are fearless because they show great strength and determination when facing things in life that many of us fear or wouldn't think of doing. We see some of these people and animals on a regular basis or we carry the memory of them in our hearts and minds. Some of us wishing we were as strong and fearless as that person or animal that we keep so near and dear to us. So when I designed this the saying " wear your heart on your sleeve" came to mind. I see and meet many people who dress how they feel, some more confident than others and felt this would be a cool way to let the world know who and or what you are. Honestly if it wasn't for those brave, fearless souls many of us wouldn't be around today. So take a second and think of someone or animal that you think is fearless and share your gratitude for their bravery and determination. You might even want to show them some love by getting them a sticker, T-shirt or something with this design on it. You can get this fearless design on some of your favorite goodies here and a few more to come. This post will be updated when more products are available.
Those of us who show no fear in the face of adversity are truly fearless to many of us and are the heros of tomorrow. Check out this video of some truly inspirational and fearless people. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mandala Exo Butterfly (blackout)

Here is one of my latest in mandala designs. Its pretty much the same as the lavender version but with a black background rather than lavender. Its a different look and more likely easier to match with other pieces. As with most of my designs you can get this on phone cases and skins as well as home decor, apparel and accessories.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Fear None" Samurai Jack

This is my latest for Cartoon Network. Samurai Jack is the man so I chose him to let you know, "fear none". Fear is a major part of life and it can make things so much worse than they need to be. Even as adults we have a tendency to evade or skip over something because of fear. So this is a message to those who dont try and or run from that in which they fear. Fear is a state of mind, if you can overcome your fears there's almost nothing that can stop you. Fear can be your biggest enemy and can keep you from striving to achieve your goals. So fear none whether your an adult or a child because fear is the only thing truly standing in your way. You can check out all the products with this design and all my latest works here.
Check out Samurai Jack in action here and get ready for Jack to come back for 2016.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lavender Mandala Exo Butterfly

This is my latest in design and patterns. Its a butterfly that is outlined in a mandala style design. The colors are more of an electric blue ,pink and white on a lavender background. Giving you a bright but toned down combination , which is perfect for a nice spring time feel. You can also get this design for wall paper and general fabrics if you create your own decor or apparel by hand. This design was originally created for decor but it looks great on many other products so I just added it to over 100 different products. If you want you can even match from head to toe and then some. You can find all the products and accessories with this design on them here.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mighty Mouse is Here To Save You

Everybody has a bad day here and there, and if your weak on that day it can break you down. Never fear such days because Mighty Mouse is here to save yours. Hes come to rescue you and he has the Sun on his side to help make it happen. Brighten up your cold cloudy day with some warm summer colors and Mighty Mouse. Seeing that its April and its still snowing here in Connecticut, a nice warm Spring day with summer flavors is exactly what we need. This image is my first time designing an art piece for a fan portal.  The "fan portal" allows you to create an art piece for your favorite movie or TV show via thier guidelines. For example this design is basically for CBS, who owns the rights to Mighty Mouse. CBS allows us to use thier images of Mighty Mouse to design works of art in which we can create great products with and sell. Not all products are allowed so you have to go by the guidelines set by CBS or any other major company.
   My next creation for a cartoon will be designed for Cartoon Network, and of course on Cafepress.  These are just a few of the Iitems you can create and sell when you use the fan portal. Simply visit here for more products you may like.
 Mighty Mouse TV

Heres a clip of Mighty Mouse for those of you who dont know who he is.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Circle Of Life

The circle of life hit hard when that song popped up in "The Lion King". Im sure many people remember parts of that song. The circle of life part stuck with me through the years. As an adult you begin to see that there really is a circle of life and its not all about the food chain (who eats who) or (what eats what). Its a bit deeper than that. The ups and downs we face in life remind me of a worn out gear. One minute your up and all is good and the next minute your down and going through the struggle. Everything in your life can be going good but you have one situation that varies between up and down or a decision that your not to sure of. All these things play a part in the circle of life. If you look at the image youll notice the top parts of the gear are rounded, not a flat or stable spot in sight. In short it represents the good points and time in life but at the same time letting you know that good point will not last forever. Then youll notice the bottom part of the gear is rocky and not as smooth as the top rounded part. In short it represents the downs in your life when your on that rocky road which seems like it will never end. Since these situations in life come and go I felt a worn out gear is perfect to display how life and its situations go. There not all good and there not all bad, so perk up if you in that bottom portion because eventually things will get a bit better or a whole lot better. It may not stay that way but at least you know for every down theres an up, and your time is coming. So have patients and hold on because lifes a bumpy ride. You can get Tees and more at these locations.

Check out this song..Pressure Is a definite part of that circle of life.

Jesus Is My Bestie

For those of us who believe in GOD or Jesus I should say, this should be how you feel as well. Jesus is my best friend. He never treats you like an associate and he's always there when you need someone to listen to you. He even answers back but the majority of us misunderstand what hes trying to tell us. He's my strength when I am weak and my inspiration during negative times. He understands me like no other on earth and will always love me. A true Bestie indeed. Check out these goodies and more with this design on them here.
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I'm not a perfect Christian or human being for that matter,  but I strive to live above sinful ways and move forward in life. I dont always go to church like I used to but that dont mean I dont carry church and Jesus where ever I go. He lives within you and so does his teachings, so he will always have a piece of your heart and soul, no matter how lost you become. 
With that being said listen to this brotha speak on how many of you feel.

Love Burst

Love burst is a collage of pixelated hearts, faint bubbles and a 3D looking blast of lines. Together they look great. I was going for brighter colors but this just looks better with softer tones. As usual can get this design on over 100 products.If you want this design for fabrics and or wallpaper you can get that too. Simply comment in the comments section if you'd like to see a sample or purchase. You can find products such as jewelry, apparel and accessories here.