Monday, August 31, 2015

just sweat it | lilbuds all over Tee's

Just sweat it is a design more so geared to those who aren't afraid to sweat. Its also meant to inspire those who dont want to or those who feel down and drained..Nike says "just do it" I say "just sweat it". Another saying that inspired this design is when people say dont sweat it..I took that and flipped it to just sweat it. Some times the things in life we say not to sweat are things we should sweat and take head on to get it over with.You can find Just Sweat It goodies in my lilbuds-all-over-Tees shop.

No Sex Zone | lilbuds all over Tee's

No Sex Zone | lilbuds all over Tee's No sex zone is in a way a parody of a song by Rae Sremmurd called "No flex zone". It was designed with the thought that although sex is great its not the only thing in life..for those people who realize this the arrows point to those sex zones that people have a tendency to look at the most when it comes to sex. Those who choose to wear it express the fact that they are not all about sex in a cool suttle way. No Sex it, rock it, support it.

blue flower swirl

This is one of my newest in creations. .I call it blue flower swirl. I started this design off with just a few stars and tinkered around until I saw something that caught my eye..what I saw when I was done is what appears to be a blue flower on the top of the the bottom of the pic it kind of looks like an elephant with its trunk curled upward. blue flower swirl leggings and a blue flower swirl dress were the first to be created with this design.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

red white and blue swirl | lilbuds all over Tee's

red white and blue swirl | lilbuds all over Tee's
This piece was originally inspired by the American flag..Since the colors are red white and blue UK people can sport it too without looking like there representing America. You can also enjoy the matching leggings

metallic seashell illusion | lilbuds all over Tee's

metallic seashell illusion | lilbuds all over Tee's when I started this it was originally supposed to be a snake skin print design. For the most part if you look closely at the pic you see a snake skin print but thats as far as it goes. The name metallic seashell popped up when I looked at the finished product.It looks like a seashell to me but when in the hands of my girlfriend it appears to be a butterfly. .ive heard it looks like a woman as well, thats where the word illusion came from. you can see the original here metallic seashell original  and or the matching leggings here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sexy Diva Control light version

Sexy diva control is a power in which many divas have over many of us..male..female it doesn't make a difference. What a diva wants, she will make sure she gets or you will have to deal with some unorthodox behavior until she does. Divas are usually sexy or have some sort of major appeal to them that attracts us. This makes it a little easier for the diva to get what she or he lol..desires. Ive made a pair of leggings and a skirt  and as usual you can see the bags, cases and skins here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sexual Beast

Theres a sexual beast that lurks within all of us. Whether or not we are willing to acknowledge or accept, its still there. This beast pops his head out every now and then. Sometimes you feel it and use it and sometimes you dont and it uses you. Make no mistake this beast can come out at any time from any being. .its just so happens that when it comes to sex this beasts insatiable appetite for destruction can turn into pure extasy.Sexual Beast

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Cant Stand A Jackass

Im sure in your lifetime you've run into at least one jackass , and im not talking about the MTV show. Many of us have to deal with a jackass on a daily basis and cant stand it..So now ive made this design to kinda speak out for those of us who are soft spoken. Now you dont really have to say anything to that jackass in your life. Cant Stand a jackass

Fuck You Shit Bag

This is usually something you'll hear during or at the end of an argument.  Its more like a closer at the end of a heated debate. Lol..if politicians could wear shirts like this during a debate im sure this would be one of them. Its like " Fuck You Shit Bag" im done , this debate is over. fuck you shit bag

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sucks To Be You

Sucks to be you came to mind when I heard that drama between Drake and Meek Mill. Most people say thats the end of his career because he got bodied by a singing nigga. Thats where sucks to be you fits in perfect. .Theres tons of situations where this could apply , so this is just one. How many situations do you think you could apply it to? Sucks to be you female version

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sexy Stoner

Sexy stoner was inspired by my cool ass stoner friends, followers, and associates. Shout out to my insta peeps..This purple themed design is more so geared towards the feminine side for those who are 420 stoner

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Avoid Drama

Its just how you feel sometimes. You love to see things and hear interesting sh.. but most of us dont wana be in all your drama. I Avoid Drama

Crazy Love

I created this after a bit of a confrontation..Love can be crazy and the people you love or those who love you can be crazy too. Dat craziness can lead to some bad situations so think twice before continuing on with this Person.Crazy Love

The Worlds Greatest Hustla

The world is full of hustlas of all types. Many feel they got the hustle game on lock whether its legal, illegal or whatever. .those who do inspired me to make this..some of you actually are and should consider rockin this..after all you are one of the worlds greatest hustlas.Worlds Greatest Hustla

Number 1 Dope Boy

Can be taken in a few ways depending on how you view it. Could be the number one as they say "dope dealer", or as the 90's slang term " " im da number 1 dope boy round here". Since the marijuana industry is booming now it can be viewed that way as if to say, (speaking as the marijuana industry) " om the number one dope boy, fuck your pharmaceuticals. Ah yes the smoker..can rock it with pride and let the world know they got the best smoke. .Number 1 Dope Boy

Your Actions Cause My Reactions

Your actions cause my reactions is something we can all relate to..Im sure at some point and time in life someones actions caused you to react in a certain way. Whether the actions were positive or negative you still gave a reaction..Your Reactions Cause My Reactions

ghetto survival foods

These are the foods you would most likely have in your home growing up in the ghettos.. If you aint have it then ya friends did or your neighbors. These few items among a few others helped many of us get through childhood. I wonder how many people today still eat these.. PB&J and koolaid still a fave even I got money. Ghetto Survival Foods