Saturday, November 7, 2015

Old School Love (cassette version)

Old School Love (cassette version)

In the 80's and a brief part of the 90's cassettes ruled the music industry. I remember putting tissue or some sort of paper in the holes at the top to record the latest Funkmaster Flex exclusive or to record my own flows and mixes. Im sure many of us who are older remember some of your favorite cassette tapes..One of my faves was da "purple tape" from Raekwon of the Wutang Clan. When it broke I was heated but luckily I knew how to fix with a little nail polish or a bit of glue. Cant say the same for our music today, its not as simple to fix your CDs or digital music. So in a way this design is a blast from the past.

Lol...check out these smooth moves.

Dj EDM FAILS funny hard dance

Video i put together for a track i am working on., decided to try and put a bit of comedy to it hope you enjoy

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