Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dirty Me

Dirty Me in a way, is something thats inside all of us. We all have our dirty moments whether its mentally or physically. So this can be viewed in a different way or two..One way is of course the dirty thought...when I have some crazy sex thought of my wife and I and I explain it to her my thought or words after is "yea I know, dirty me" with my nasty thoughts. .Even though its a thought about me and her it can still be dirty. Every now and then you should get a lil dirty with your partner and keep things spicey...Another thought is from the perspective of a so called clean person who usually doesn't have dirty thoughts and is asking someone of interest to dirty them a bit..Help bring out that naughty side of them or you could be just a gritty grimmey person and just not give a F##$ . Im sure theres many more ways to use the phrase but for now these will do fine.

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