Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Funny T-shirt Designs

Hey it's me again and today I'm going to be showing you a couple of T-shirts that I like and I hope you will love. These shirts are definitely funny and even though summer is over the day of the t-shirt still lives on. The shirts I am showing you are t-shirts but the sayings and designs on them are also on other apparel such as hoodies, bags and more. 
This shirt gives you a good reason for being late without saying a word. "Sorry I'm Late Yesterday Was Leg Day". 

The second shirt is just outright blunt about what ever it is that was done. This shirt's more of an unapologetic piece for those who keep it real and have no problem speaking their mind.

"Sorry it was me, I did it and i would do it again". This is something many of us wish we had said about a situation at some point in time. You can check this one out and all the other goodies with this saying on them here at I would do it again.

The third is a saying or more of an action that many of us have done or do on the regular.
Look you're doing it right now 😆. Just purchase it and feel good knowing you didn't over think on this one.👍 You can see this shirt and a ton of other goodies here at Over think this.