Thursday, December 1, 2016

Customize your cars interior, furniture or anything else with fabrics from spoonflower and designs by Lilbudscorner


Customization and personalization are a big thing now-a-days. Thats a major part of what Lilbudscorner encompasses. You can create and design all types of products and goodies you and yours will love. Design apparel and accessories with ease to buy or sell using Lilbudscorner. For the most part I've been showing you apparel and accessories designed by me. Mostly fashion pieces but home decor or should I say decor in general is another genre I dabble in. So why not customize your home, car or office with your favorite designs and colors. If you want you can even match your apparel and accessories with your decor.

Can you imagine stepping out of your car wearing an outfit or your favorite sneakers and it actually match your cars interior.. "Talk about all eyes on you". Even better you can match your home or office with matching designs. Lets say for example your a breast cancer survivor and wanted to let the world know you beat breast cancer and you support the fight against it..your cars interior, your home or office even the clothes you wear can shout that out for you. Have you ever seen a car wrapped in a business logo? What if you could customize the interior with that same logo or similar? Crazy right... Well now thats more possible than ever to do today and Lilbudscorner can help you make that happen.

Check this out..  When it comes to fabrics and customizing interiors I use these two sites to make that happen.

lilbudscorner's shop on Spoonflower: fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap

Fabric designs by lilbudscorner

With spoonflower you can use my designs or your own and their marketplace to make curtains, quilts, clothes, bags, furniture, dolls, pillows, framed artwork, costumes, banners and more as stated by the site. You can print your designs on Wallpaper, Gift wrap, or base fabrics such as Basic Cotton Ultra, Satin, Kona Cotton Ultra, Cotton Poplin Ultra, Performance Knit, Piqué, Poly Crepe de Chine, Silky Faille,

Modern Jersey,Cotton Spandex Jersey, Fleece, Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra, Minky, Faux Suede,Silk Crepe de Chine and more..

The other site is a DIY site called . As usual I try to save you some money and educate you at the same time. Upholsterysecrets does just that..they educate you on how to save money and do it yourself when it comes to upholstery and fabrication. This could come in very useful to you because not only will you be learning a new trade that you didnt have to go to school for but it can also set you up to start your own business or should I say create a legit side hustle you can bank on.

If you have any special requests or questions, simply leave a comment and I'll see what I can do for spoonflower store doesn't have a ton of designs in it yet..been a slow process with me doing sooo much...So for the moment fabric designs will be dealt with by request.

Now we go a little off beat with a good laugh. You gotta enjoy a good helps the healing process of whatever your going through.



Won the race.

Won the race. - Lavon Randolph - Google+

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blue Paw Prints Collage.

Here's one of my latest designs I added to sneakers and matching apparel... The design is simple but cute and cool... Id say its more like a universal and can be worn by men women and children. Lets face it puppies are super cute even down to their tiny little paws. This is a great design for dog lovers and the perfect gift to give anytime of the year. You can get this design on over 100 different products and accessories..




Since we're on the design blue paw collage its only fitting to give you a cute doggy gif or video..enjoy..

Teddy Bear

23/11/59 - 1

Monday, October 24, 2016

Jesus Lives ( collage)

Jesus Lives...I definitely like this design because it really kind of speaks to me and anybody who has that type of relationship with Jesus, or should I say a strong faith in him. If it wasn't for him and his powerful positive influence I probably wouldn't be doing this at all,and most likely would have been dead already. He keeps me on track when im falling off. I say "Jesus Lives" because whether he walks this earth among us or not the positive vibes and attitude that emits from his energy live within those of us who have a strong faith in him. I like how this design came out on clothing..the larger cross hangs over your heart and almost seemingly hangs from your neck.
You can see this design on these items and more at the links below..

Check out these videos...sometimes the reason why we go through things is so that we learn and teach others about what we've gone through. You never know if they may be dealing with or have dealt with some of the same issues.

Talk about a blessing..whooo..more like a super blessing.

Alia Fareed - Google+


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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Emoji Angels collage

Emoji Angels is a design I conjured up just playing around with faces. The red emoji with its tongue sticking out and a devilish tale really made this what we now know as the emoji angels design. Thats the naughty angel, the other red angel is the sinister angel. The blue emoji angel with the devilish tale is the kind of cautious one who always makes you think twice about what your doing before you do it. Last is the blue emoji with the sad face..this emoji is always in a sad sort of "bah-hum-bug" mood. More so like that person who doesnt really want to go anywhere or do anything, but will still come with you anyway. 

The design came out pretty cool and is one of the more popular designs I recently created. You can get apparel and accessories with this design on them in these locations...

More accessories and decor coming soon.

Today I leave you with a quick laugh from a kid who probably wishes emoji angels were real and could save him a.s.a.p..

Gato Salvaje ​​​​⊙﹏⊙

Gato Salvaje ​​​​⊙﹏⊙  - Lavon Randolph - Google+
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Monday, October 10, 2016

New Angel of Death

New Angel of Death is basically a different view of the Grimm Reaper. Usually when you see the reaper in cartoons and movies you dont see a set of wings protruding from its back. This new version of the reaper has a set of wings, a new scythe and a face rarely ever seen hiding under that hood. In this pic he's arriving from a cold day in hell to reap the negative souls required to fuel hells eternal fire, but for his own evil longer an angel from heaven nor a servant of hell he defys both creating his own malicious gang of soul reapers. In this pic he stands in front of one of the many entrances to what will be a new hell taken over and ran by him.

You can check out more products with this des on them here..

custom-made varsity letterman jacket

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Stand and Withstand created using Prisma

Stand and Withstand is a design I created using a different style of artistry. This time around I used a photo I took at Holy Land USA in Waterbury,CT. I added and played with a few filters for a while and finally came up with this image using the Prisma app. I like how it came out using the dreams filter. In this pic it seems as if the sun is just beating down on the cross with immense heat, yet the cross still stands. Through, good times and bad times, all seasons, all weather this cross stands tall and withstands it all. I look at this design as if it relates to our life and our situations in it as well as our relationship with JESUS. We go through alot in life as humans, stress, pain, happiness, loneliness, sadness are just a few of the things we have to deal with. Some of us go through these trials and tribulations with JESUS by our sides and in our hearts, while others do not. Whether things are good or bad and whether your right or wrong hes always around going through these things with you. He stays and withstands with you even when your cursing him for things you cant deal with or understand. When you fall hard and your at rock bottom, he extends that hand to help you get on your feet, time after time. Granted you will have to go through some things in life and experience the negatives that life has to offer, because he cant live your life for you, but hes always around. For that reason I named this design stand and withstand and placed it over the area where our hearts reside. To keep his positive thoughts and teachings in your heart is what I hope you take from this design. You dont have to go to church every day ,but its always good to bring church wherever you go. So keep those positives in your hearts and minds every day, and everywhere you go.

You can check out more goodies with this design on them here..

Check out some of these people who may not go to church every day but have the good qualities it embodies.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hidden Faces within created with Prisma

This is my Hidden Faces design I recently added to apparel and accessories. I named it hidden faces because thats what I see when i look at the original image which is a photo I took of a tile in my bathroom. I wanted to see if I could highlight the main face I see,to show my girlfriend. I did manage to highlight it, but felt like it was a bit soft and not exactly what I wanted to see so I played with a few filters to make this happen. Finally I ended up using a filter named Candy that really made it pop out a bit more but still a bit soft in color to me. I took that image made with the Candy filter and used prisma again with a different filter named Tears and pow just what I was looking for.. The colors black, white and yellow were perfect in my eyes...not too soft yet not too loud and crazy. Naturally I decided to add it to some gear and accessories, so I used Rageon first to do this. The hoodie and sneakers are my faves as usual, but the A-line dress and drawstring bag from RedBubble came out nice too.

You can get a better view of these items and more at the links below..

This video has nothing to do with art but it does have a good laugh and one of the things that come with creating art..Failure...but sometimes some of the greatest works come from some of the greatest failures so enjoy.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neon Bright Flowers

Neon Bright Flowers is what I thought when I finished this design. Unlike most of my other works this one has a very bold and bright look to it. In short its a collage of flowers in which I changed the colors of. It turned out nice with the colors I originally had but to me seemed like more of design for females. I thought to myself " try and change the color again" ,so I played with a few filters and "bladdow" I found what I feel would be a neutral color for this design. Men and women both like the color scheme and the brightness of it. Came out pretty nice on the apparel and accessories. You can check out these and other apparel and accessories here.
Bags,Cases,Apparel and Decor

Sneakers and Apparel

Here a quick simple video I made for this design...

As usual heres one of those videos that make you

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Madd Panda ( crazy graffiti style)

Have you ever met someone who is just so cool , calm and laid back most of the time? Have you ever seen that person or someone like that just lose it,flip out and go madd? Well basically thats a panda..Usually one of the coolest and cutest of bears they're typically pretty docile. Rarely do you ever hear of panda attacks, but im sure that when they do and its witnessed by someone, you will eventually hear about it. Thats this design in a nutshell.. a cool bear gone Madd, straight crazy for the time being. The design is made in an urban block style. In the background is the word crazy all over and placed over the background is an angry ,pissed looking panda bear. This is actually a remake of a more colorful design I created. Now you can match your outfit with your sneakers for real..and look great doing it.

The sneakers and clothing I have designed on a different platform than what I usually use. They make it quick and easy to upload your design to many apparel items like joggers, leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, sneakers and more. Even better news is that they are enabling every single user on their platform to make money - with Super Likes. What are Super Likes you say? In short you get paid for liking a product. Check the details here Super Likes .

For sneakers, joggers and more hot apparel with this design click here ( MADD PANDA crazy style ) 

Get this design on ( Bags, Cases, Home decor, and Apparel )

Like pandas many of us can be cute, kind and cuddly, but dont get it twisted because when alls said and done we can lose it and become totally MADD and go crazy just like the panda in this design.

Check out this video of a panda losing his cool. Its an old video but it just goes to show how rare a panda losing it and attacking someone is.