Friday, January 29, 2016

Not Guilty By Association

Not guilty by association is something we can all relate to at some point or another. Lifes situations bring this up all the time. It kind of goes along with that saying "dont judge a book by its cover". People have a tendency to accuse others of being guilty of something just because of thier association with a person place or thing. In some cases that may be true, but not in all cases. Not guilty by association stems from situations in life where someone or some people see you as a guilty party just because you know, hang around, or associate with a certain someone or at a certain place. That doesn't make you guilty,but actually being guilty does. Lets say for example you have a friend thats known to be a home wrecking whore around town. Just because you associate with this person doesn't mean your guilty by association, but many people will view you that way because of that friend. Another example. .being black. .just because im black and standing in front of the store opening my juice while talking to a known drug dealer doesn't mean im one or a customer.If the police come by and see you there though they may look at you as being guilty because you are standing there talking to that person. This design lets those who accuse know that just because im here or im doing this or that doesn't make me guilty by association. Do your research first then find me guilty. This also goes for relationships too. You and your significant other may be arguing about something along these lines and you might just want to let that person know, "just because im hanging with this guy tonight dont mean im gonna be doing everything he does". Im not guilty by association. You can find not guilty by association products at these fine stores.


The guy in this video in a way was hoping to be guilty by association. Maybe it would have worked if he was a little better equipped.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A True Warrior (American version)

Im a true warrior is a design I created a month or two ago. The original started off as just a black and white drawing. This version is one I made yesterday after playing around with the image for a bit. I decided to try the American flags color and it came out pretty damb good. I was going to increase the size of the word warrior, just couldn't wait. I had to see what it looks like on a few things asap. This image features a man who has been through hell and back to serve and protect. The weight in his hand signifies his dedication and willingness to go hard (aka. work hard). His revolver signifies his ambition to protect at all costs. Last, his tattered look signifies the hell he's been through to make sure his friends, family and this country are safe.
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True American Warrior by lilbudscorner

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True American Warrior

A man who has been through hell and back to serve and protect. His weight signifies his willingness to go hard (aka. work hard). His revolver signifies his ambition to protect at all costs. His tattered look signifies the hell he's been through.

The people in this story may not be here in america but they definitely have the signs of a true warrior.

Muslims protect Christians from extremists in Kenya bus attack

There was a sound of gunfire, and the impact of bullets striking steel, and the bus suddenly lurched to a stop just outside the northeastern Kenyan city of El Wak. More than 10 Somali militants clambered on board, heavily armed, witnesses of the Monday attack told the Daily Nation, a Kenyan newspaper.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Jesus Lives Updated to fit and looks great

I resized an image i posted a while ago. The design I had originally uploaded to my products was a bit too large to see the whole image on many of the products.So I went back to the lab and fixed the image so that it could be seen better. I love how it turned out. Jesus Lives is a design I have a tendency to live by and will always remember. If you have ever been in a situation that was pretty much impossible for you to get out of alive or at least ok or not locked up and so on then you know like I know if you prayed for Jesus to help you, that he still lives. Time and time again he has proven this to me as well as many others. Personally I speak to Jesus on da reg. I thank him for what I have received and pray for those things and situations that need prayer.As a young man I would wear a little jewelry now and then and like many people today one of my favorite pieces was the cross. When I put this together and placed it on the products I felt that it looks great and it kind of gave me that feeling I got when I got my first gold chain with that cross on it. It just made me want to rock it and show the world. I guess with this design im hoping you feel the same and if not at least rock it as a sign of the faith you have in him. Show the world that he still lives and share a story with us as to why you feel this way. You never know..there may be someone out there that needs to hear what you have to say. With this update I placed this image on over 200 hundred products so you should be able to find something that suits you or a friend or loved one. Everything from mens wallets, babies shirts and womens skirts to curtains, duvets and more home decor.


To be positive and humble at an early age is great and a blessing if it continues into old age. So try to remain positive even in ruff times and try to teach the youth of today the same. Check out this little lady here..She starting off positive and maybe she can help you do the same.

This video will inspire positive thinking and drive away any kind of bad mood.

For those of us who go through life as if we're alone just remember Jesus Lives and you dont have to go through it alone. On top of that theres many of us out there who may be going through some of the same things, so keep ya head up.   (Warning: Video contains language not suitable for everyone)

ScHoolboy Q -- Blessed f. Kendrick Lamar

TDE= hip hop.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Relaxation, Family, Friends, Church..Ahhh Yes Heavenly Sundays

Ahhh yes..heavenly sunday. Rest, Relaxation, family, friends and church after a long sinful saturday is what many people do on sunday. Spend time with your family and friends is one of the things we do most often, but many of those who go to church ,head on over to wash away and pray for forgiveness after a sinful week or a sinful saturday.  Thats where this design comes in. Its a happy heavenly sunday for this emoji, and he hopes you have one too. This design I had originally made for the days of the week which I haven't finished yet. I will eventually post them all in one post. You can stop by and check out heavenly sunday jewelry, cups, stickers and so much more here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not An Angel Or A Demon On Sinful Saturday..Simply Human

Im not a saint or an angel nor am I a devil or a demon. Im a human like most of you who are reading this. Born a sinner just like you I deal with the good, bad, ups and downs in life. Like many of you I always have and always will, its just life. When I was younger I couldn't wait for the weekend,because the weekend was party time. Now as an older more mature adult with a wife and kids I still cant wait for the weekend but now its for a different reason. I try to be humble and live peacefully and I know many people who strive for the same. Being a human I am not perfect nor is any other human on earth. With that being said I see many people who try to live as GOD wants us to live but struggle to make that happen when it comes to the weekend. That is what inspired this design I made. Sinful Saturday applys to many people and the reason is because most of us are free on saturdays,so we have a tendency to want to go out and do things. Unfortunately for a majority of us that free time can lead to a sinful sin filled saturday. Even religious leaders deal with sinful saturdays..No mann is exempt when it comes to the battles of Heaven and Hell. Check out the sinful saturday products here. (jewelry,cups,gear and more) . While your at it you might want to take a look at the video below. (WARNING) Very graphic and not suitable for everyone

Immortal Technique Ft. Dead Prez - Angels and Demons

Immortal Technique Ft. Dead Prez - Angels and Demons Video

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stress and Lifes Situations Can Make You Feel This Way

Lifes Fucking Annoying gear and more

I created this when I was going through some rough times and I still do from time to time and im sure you do too, thats why I decided to post this. Its also part of the reason I created Lilbudscorner. Situations in life can be very annoying,  especially reoccurring financial ones. I myself am tired of those situations and decided to do something that could possibly help us all now and in the future. I know and meet people all the time who can relate to this   design especially in bad times.The stress and bad situations we face in our every day lives can really make you feel like  "Lifes Fucking Annoying" . Its not that life itself is annoying. .its the stress and negative situations that come with it that are annoying. No one wants to deal with stress and aggravation, especially on a regular basis. So I made this design simple because many of lifes stressful situations dont have to be so complicated and annoying, yet they are. Simple things in life can be very annoying if dealt with or viewed the wrong way, even for an optimistic person like myself. So dont take this as life itself is annoying but more so the stressful situations in it are.Many adults today wish they were kids again due to that lifes fucking annoying feeling so they wouldn't have to deal with life as they have come to know it today.

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Make Sure You At Least Have Ghetto Gloves This Winter

Winter is here and with the season snow usually accompanies. Most of us have winter gear but there's still a few of us who dont. Some of us cant afford it and some of us cant find it. All in all winter gear is a must in the winter especially if you plan on playing in the snow or doing anything that involves it. This design is just a simple reminder that you should wear your gloves..Whether you can find yours or not or just cant afford any, a good pair of socks on those hands can help you out. As a kid when my mom told me I better not go outside without a coat, hat and gloves I could hardly ever find my gloves. Thats where ghetto gloves came in handy. Simply double up on a pair if you can and you got yourself a nice pair of mittens so you can be on your way. When you really want to keep those hands dry and pretty toasty, just place a bag either on your hands or over the first pair of sock you put on your hands. Ghetto Gloves..yes they work and im sure you have a pair somewhere. Theycan even help you keep your actual gloves dry and toasty by doing those same actions but just put your real gloves on first. Ghetto Gloves shirts bags and more .

Funny Scary Snowman Prank Season 4 Episode 2 Boston - Newport

Follow me Instagram Twitter In episode two we bounced back and forth from Boston to Newport Rhode Island.