Friday, October 30, 2015


Stop Already Thinked It (shirts,bags &more)

This fits well in many occasions. .example: someones about to rummage through your tote bag while its on the side of you.."stop..I already thinked it" lets em kno your already 10 steps ahead of them and prepared.


Wake and Bake shirts bags and more

Wake and bake basically is all about waking up and getting lifted, aka ( high) for those who dont know. Its what marijuana smokers do in the am after they wake just roll over and get toasted even before thier feet ever touch the ground for the day.
Wake and Bake full Tee


Slippery When Wet products

Slippery when can look at it in one way or another. .one way is sexually, the other in a comedic sort of way as if the girl fell..all depends on your perception.

                       Slippery When Wet Full Tee

Thursday, October 29, 2015

RIDE HARD my friends

Growing up in the ridge (Danbury, CT) there wasnt a ton of places a young dude could ride a dirtbike. So we had to learn how to ride hard because you would get chased off of the street and out of the woods by cops or your bike had no brakes, or a broken clutch,  bent forks, a flat tire or what ever..So naturally we rode hard then and still today...I still see some of my friends and family today riding hard and that inspired this design. Ive met a lot of people who also love to rev em up and ride hard so its only fitting that I create this for those who aint afraid to get it in. Ride Hard my friends or go know how it goes.

Fall Red Black and Grey leaf collage

This design was inspired by mother nature and the fall season change. Autumn brings a colorful scene every where you go in CT and for the most part they have a general color to them..Red brown green and different variations of those colors,  but you rarely see a black leaf or a grey one. That is what made me create this.

fall leaves red black and grey tshirt

Friday, October 16, 2015

A Nice Way To Say F You..

Some people just aren't into cursing people out, so in a way this is a simple and easy way to do so. Plus its a bit less offensive if theres kids around. .as long as they dont really read into it..Once you cross out that rIin fork it becomes get the fok outta here and buy a shirt case or a mug and let the haters know how you feel today.
fok u print T-shirts,cups and cases

Bladow Pow Blast

Bladow...heres a blast of action words from the early days of comics andTV shows. Even though bladow is a 90's slang term its still considered old by today standards. Its definitely a colorful piece for those who dont mind a bit of loudness when it comes to clothing and stuff. You can check out the cups, pillows, cases and more here. For full Tees visit . I also made a watch and a twin duvet  as well .

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Love Beer

I love beer is a clover style design that says I love beer..In short you have a hand holding a piture of beer and the word and symbol I love above it. Get I Love Beer products now and enjoy.

Musical Prodigy

This creation was inspired by my kids..all 4 of them have tons of talent when it comes to music and they love to sing and dance. Especially my one and two-year old who amazingly cant speak a ton of languages but can repeat almost any and every song they hear and you can actually understand them too. It shouldn't come as a surprise though seeing they love to be like their older brothers who are as I say music monsters. So share some good music with your kids and sing to them as well as with them, from mommies belly till the day you die. They'll live, learn and appreciate it later in life. Check out my goodies I added this design to here. Musical Prodigy Products

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cherry Swirl Collage

One of my faves when it comes to the swirl art I create as well as many other people who see it. To think when I started this piece it was a black canvas and two cherries.  It eventually turned into this Cherry Swirl Collage .Heres a few things ive added this design to.more cherry swirl collage products. .

Female Skull Swirl Remix

Female Skull Swirl remix is basically a remake of a female skull I had created. The original pic didnt have all the swirl art and smoke in it.You can see everything I added this pic to here female skull swirl remix.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Get At Me peace emoji

When you see the peace symbol its usually with a soft color or rainbow and or something along those lines.this is a bit of a manly touch to a peaceful symbol. It started off as just a shirt for my emoji then i decided i like this print so why not make it a real shirt. You can see the full print shirt here at lilbudsgalloree . You can also find bags cases and more at lilbudssociety6 .