Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Love Puffin

I Love Puffin (shirts, cases and more)

I myself am no stoner but I do know people who are and they love puffin. Im sure the dude in the article beneath this post would rock this design. Although the design itself is primarily pink im sure there are guys out there bold enough to wear it, after all guys wear pink now-a-days and im sure the majority aint pimps either. As you can see its a weed leaf with I and a heart embeded in it. I simply took that with the word puffin and repeated it over and over again creating the image you now see. Many who puff love puffin so I hope you love this design too. Seems dude below loves puffin so much it started making him careless and doing some of the dumbest sh! stupid can you get.. Now check out some of the crazy things stoners who love puffin do.

This Dude Selling Drugs On Facebook Made It Ridiculously Easy For Police To Catch Him

This is a good time to remember that pot is completely illegal in India. 2. He would often post statuses about the kind of stash he had and the pricing, and even had his contact information up on the page so potential buyers could call him. 5.

Tell Us About The Funniest Thing You've Done While High

"Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high..."

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