Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fearless Inspiration

Fearless... definitely a strong word when it comes to a warrior or a leader. Many of us look up to those who are fearless because they show great strength and determination when facing things in life that many of us fear or wouldn't think of doing. We see some of these people and animals on a regular basis or we carry the memory of them in our hearts and minds. Some of us wishing we were as strong and fearless as that person or animal that we keep so near and dear to us. So when I designed this the saying " wear your heart on your sleeve" came to mind. I see and meet many people who dress how they feel, some more confident than others and felt this would be a cool way to let the world know who and or what you are. Honestly if it wasn't for those brave, fearless souls many of us wouldn't be around today. So take a second and think of someone or animal that you think is fearless and share your gratitude for their bravery and determination. You might even want to show them some love by getting them a sticker, T-shirt or something with this design on it. You can get this fearless design on some of your favorite goodies here and a few more to come. This post will be updated when more products are available.
Those of us who show no fear in the face of adversity are truly fearless to many of us and are the heros of tomorrow. Check out this video of some truly inspirational and fearless people. 

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