Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Circle Of Life

The circle of life hit hard when that song popped up in "The Lion King". Im sure many people remember parts of that song. The circle of life part stuck with me through the years. As an adult you begin to see that there really is a circle of life and its not all about the food chain (who eats who) or (what eats what). Its a bit deeper than that. The ups and downs we face in life remind me of a worn out gear. One minute your up and all is good and the next minute your down and going through the struggle. Everything in your life can be going good but you have one situation that varies between up and down or a decision that your not to sure of. All these things play a part in the circle of life. If you look at the image youll notice the top parts of the gear are rounded, not a flat or stable spot in sight. In short it represents the good points and time in life but at the same time letting you know that good point will not last forever. Then youll notice the bottom part of the gear is rocky and not as smooth as the top rounded part. In short it represents the downs in your life when your on that rocky road which seems like it will never end. Since these situations in life come and go I felt a worn out gear is perfect to display how life and its situations go. There not all good and there not all bad, so perk up if you in that bottom portion because eventually things will get a bit better or a whole lot better. It may not stay that way but at least you know for every down theres an up, and your time is coming. So have patients and hold on because lifes a bumpy ride. You can get Tees and more at these locations.

Check out this song..Pressure Is a definite part of that circle of life.

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