Saturday, April 16, 2016

"Fear None" Samurai Jack

This is my latest for Cartoon Network. Samurai Jack is the man so I chose him to let you know, "fear none". Fear is a major part of life and it can make things so much worse than they need to be. Even as adults we have a tendency to evade or skip over something because of fear. So this is a message to those who dont try and or run from that in which they fear. Fear is a state of mind, if you can overcome your fears there's almost nothing that can stop you. Fear can be your biggest enemy and can keep you from striving to achieve your goals. So fear none whether your an adult or a child because fear is the only thing truly standing in your way. You can check out all the products with this design and all my latest works here.
Check out Samurai Jack in action here and get ready for Jack to come back for 2016.

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