Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jesus Is My Bestie

For those of us who believe in GOD or Jesus I should say, this should be how you feel as well. Jesus is my best friend. He never treats you like an associate and he's always there when you need someone to listen to you. He even answers back but the majority of us misunderstand what hes trying to tell us. He's my strength when I am weak and my inspiration during negative times. He understands me like no other on earth and will always love me. A true Bestie indeed. Check out these goodies and more with this design on them here.
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I'm not a perfect Christian or human being for that matter,  but I strive to live above sinful ways and move forward in life. I dont always go to church like I used to but that dont mean I dont carry church and Jesus where ever I go. He lives within you and so does his teachings, so he will always have a piece of your heart and soul, no matter how lost you become. 
With that being said listen to this brotha speak on how many of you feel.

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