Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Waters Glimmer (black and red version) Sneakers and Eyewear to match

This is a remake of a previous design named "Waters Glimmer". I was changing colors around to see what I like when I created this. I thought this would look good on a duvet, so home decor was my first thought for this design. Suitable for that individual who likes darker colors but doesn't want a solid black design. Even though its a design based on the glimmering shine of water when bright light hits it, it kind of reminds me of a volcano and its lava. You can get these products and more in these stores , and now you can also get the sneakers and eyewear with this design.

Waters Glimmer (Black and Red) Sneakers

Waters Glimmer (black and red) Aviator Glasses

Waters Glimmer (black and red) Sunglasses

Im sure Kev could use some cold glimmering  water after this..

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