Friday, January 8, 2016

Make Sure You At Least Have Ghetto Gloves This Winter

Winter is here and with the season snow usually accompanies. Most of us have winter gear but there's still a few of us who dont. Some of us cant afford it and some of us cant find it. All in all winter gear is a must in the winter especially if you plan on playing in the snow or doing anything that involves it. This design is just a simple reminder that you should wear your gloves..Whether you can find yours or not or just cant afford any, a good pair of socks on those hands can help you out. As a kid when my mom told me I better not go outside without a coat, hat and gloves I could hardly ever find my gloves. Thats where ghetto gloves came in handy. Simply double up on a pair if you can and you got yourself a nice pair of mittens so you can be on your way. When you really want to keep those hands dry and pretty toasty, just place a bag either on your hands or over the first pair of sock you put on your hands. Ghetto Gloves..yes they work and im sure you have a pair somewhere. Theycan even help you keep your actual gloves dry and toasty by doing those same actions but just put your real gloves on first. Ghetto Gloves shirts bags and more .

Funny Scary Snowman Prank Season 4 Episode 2 Boston - Newport

Follow me Instagram Twitter In episode two we bounced back and forth from Boston to Newport Rhode Island.

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