Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not An Angel Or A Demon On Sinful Saturday..Simply Human

Im not a saint or an angel nor am I a devil or a demon. Im a human like most of you who are reading this. Born a sinner just like you I deal with the good, bad, ups and downs in life. Like many of you I always have and always will, its just life. When I was younger I couldn't wait for the weekend,because the weekend was party time. Now as an older more mature adult with a wife and kids I still cant wait for the weekend but now its for a different reason. I try to be humble and live peacefully and I know many people who strive for the same. Being a human I am not perfect nor is any other human on earth. With that being said I see many people who try to live as GOD wants us to live but struggle to make that happen when it comes to the weekend. That is what inspired this design I made. Sinful Saturday applys to many people and the reason is because most of us are free on saturdays,so we have a tendency to want to go out and do things. Unfortunately for a majority of us that free time can lead to a sinful sin filled saturday. Even religious leaders deal with sinful saturdays..No mann is exempt when it comes to the battles of Heaven and Hell. Check out the sinful saturday products here. (jewelry,cups,gear and more) . While your at it you might want to take a look at the video below. (WARNING) Very graphic and not suitable for everyone

Immortal Technique Ft. Dead Prez - Angels and Demons

Immortal Technique Ft. Dead Prez - Angels and Demons Video

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