Wednesday, December 23, 2015

People Can Be So Rude and Ignorant

Use your could benefit you in many ways. Show no manners to the wrong person and it could get you hurt. This was inspired by my beautiful wife who is always being hit on by dudes and chicks with no respect or manners. Its like dude use your fucking manners when you speak to a lady. Seems people have forgotten that nowadays which is a bad thing because some of us take bad manners and disrespect very seriously. If I am ever around my wife and some fool comes out thier mouth wrong omma put em in thier place and let em kno.."get it right"  or dont say shit. Since I cant be around all the time made this design to sort of speak for me when im not around and she doesn't have to say a word. I would assume theres other guys out here with beautiful women who feel the same way.."watch how you speak to my wife" no what I mean. It actually fits many other situations in life as well. Example. .say the bag..your shopping this holiday season and you know how rude people can be so you bring this bag to let them know ahead of time use your fucking manners when shopping. or the phone case as another example. .Your on your phone and someone keeps cutting in asking questions being loud and or disruptive so you move your hand to simply show them this message and let them know to cut that shit out and use thier fucking manners. Throw pillows and so much more.
you get what  im saying though has plenty of uses.
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Heres a few people that totally forgot they had manners. 

Black Friday Shoppers Brawl Over Barbies, Tablets, Lingerie

Black Friday is here - bargains, brawls and all. In Michigan City, Indiana, three people allegedly fought over $88 subwoofers. Walmart reports that customers battled over $29 tablets and $5 Barbies. At one Walmart in Houston, police had to be called in. The madness wasn't limited to the United States.

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