Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Faded Blue Marijuana Leaf Design

This pattern is one of my latest designs and it came out beautiful on many products. This design itself is a marijuana leaf collage. I originally created this as a solid design in purple and white. So what I did with this is kind of cut out some of the leaves and add blue to it. I didnt want them to be a solid blue so I left bits and pieces of this color in my cuts. The result is this faded blue look on the leaves. I first added it to a duvet cover for beds then decided to add it to everything I create and here are some of my results. 

Check out the pencil skirt , leggings and more here.

You can also check out the sneakers,joggers and more here.

Lol you gotta take a look at these stoner moments in this video before you go.

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