Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Being Broke Sucks Thats Why I Hustle Hard

Being Broke Sucks Print

 I hate being broke...always have. So i've always had to hustle in some way shape or form to make sure I had some money in my pockets. I found that as an adult being broke is even worse and 10 times worse if you have a family to take care of or anyone depending on you. You have to work hard make ends meet and that can be tiresome as well as stressful and depressing. I see tons of people who struggle on a regular basis and they all say the same thing " being broke sucks"  especially around holidays and birthdays. Being broke most of the time will also cause relationship problems that are seemingly unreal. Thats where this design popped up, from an argument. After the argument was done I kept saying that ,as I was trying to cool off and calm down. I started to doodle in order to sort of speed up that process and after I was calm cool and collective this is what I had created on the back of an envelope that was on the table. Here we are a few years later and I realize this is something that we all despise and figured it would look good on a shirt, cup, bag or something. Part of the reason I decided to start selling some of my works is because being broke sucks and I hate financial struggles. Its sucks to see family and friends struggle financially and not be able to help them or provide them with a way to get the help they need. In a way this is my way to get my foot in the door to helping us all financially. Hopefully with your help of a purchase or even sharing this post it'll help us get one step closer to making this happen for us all , friends,  family,  followers and those who are friends,  family and followers of you. There's many of us out there that have no jobs or are unhappy with the jobs they have. So remember im here to help because being broke sucks and theres always someone with a job out there that hates being broke just as much as you and they even might have a worse job than you like the people at the bottom of this post.

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