Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Madd Panda ( crazy graffiti style)

Have you ever met someone who is just so cool , calm and laid back most of the time? Have you ever seen that person or someone like that just lose it,flip out and go madd? Well basically thats a panda..Usually one of the coolest and cutest of bears they're typically pretty docile. Rarely do you ever hear of panda attacks, but im sure that when they do and its witnessed by someone, you will eventually hear about it. Thats this design in a nutshell.. a cool bear gone Madd, straight crazy for the time being. The design is made in an urban block style. In the background is the word crazy all over and placed over the background is an angry ,pissed looking panda bear. This is actually a remake of a more colorful design I created. Now you can match your outfit with your sneakers for real..and look great doing it.

The sneakers and clothing I have designed on a different platform than what I usually use. They make it quick and easy to upload your design to many apparel items like joggers, leggings, yoga pants, hoodies, sneakers and more. Even better news is that they are enabling every single user on their platform to make money - with Super Likes. What are Super Likes you say? In short you get paid for liking a product. Check the details here Super Likes .

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Like pandas many of us can be cute, kind and cuddly, but dont get it twisted because when alls said and done we can lose it and become totally MADD and go crazy just like the panda in this design.

Check out this video of a panda losing his cool. Its an old video but it just goes to show how rare a panda losing it and attacking someone is.

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