Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neon Bright Flowers

Neon Bright Flowers is what I thought when I finished this design. Unlike most of my other works this one has a very bold and bright look to it. In short its a collage of flowers in which I changed the colors of. It turned out nice with the colors I originally had but to me seemed like more of design for females. I thought to myself " try and change the color again" ,so I played with a few filters and "bladdow" I found what I feel would be a neutral color for this design. Men and women both like the color scheme and the brightness of it. Came out pretty nice on the apparel and accessories. You can check out these and other apparel and accessories here.
Bags,Cases,Apparel and Decor

Sneakers and Apparel

Here a quick simple video I made for this design...

As usual heres one of those videos that make you

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