Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hidden Faces within created with Prisma

This is my Hidden Faces design I recently added to apparel and accessories. I named it hidden faces because thats what I see when i look at the original image which is a photo I took of a tile in my bathroom. I wanted to see if I could highlight the main face I see,to show my girlfriend. I did manage to highlight it, but felt like it was a bit soft and not exactly what I wanted to see so I played with a few filters to make this happen. Finally I ended up using a filter named Candy that really made it pop out a bit more but still a bit soft in color to me. I took that image made with the Candy filter and used prisma again with a different filter named Tears and pow just what I was looking for.. The colors black, white and yellow were perfect in my eyes...not too soft yet not too loud and crazy. Naturally I decided to add it to some gear and accessories, so I used Rageon first to do this. The hoodie and sneakers are my faves as usual, but the A-line dress and drawstring bag from RedBubble came out nice too.

You can get a better view of these items and more at the links below..

This video has nothing to do with art but it does have a good laugh and one of the things that come with creating art..Failure...but sometimes some of the greatest works come from some of the greatest failures so enjoy.

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