Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Uber Everywhere Now and Earn A Second Income

As you know by now im always searching for a way for people to save or earn a little extra cash. My most recent venture has been a bit different from what I do here at lilbudscorner, but none the less still a great money maker. I recently started driving for Uber here in CT or should I say the greater Waterbury area and its been pretty cool so far. You meet alot of interesting people and visit places you've never been too or even knew existed. So far all my customers have been cool people and really appreciate when I arrive. So shout out to all my customers and a definite thanks to those who tip..them bad boys come in handy when your moneys low and your low on gas. With that being said let me give you a little more insite about the requirements and your earnings.

       In order to drive for Uber you will need these things here to qualify, and then you have to wait to be approved. 
1. Vehicle must be at least a 2004 or newer year model. 2. A valid drivers licence, insurance and registration.
3. Vehicle must be a 4 door.

         Yes you can make anywhere from like $10 an hour and upwards to like $35 or better. The most I've made in an hour was $35. From what I have experienced you can do great per hour or horribly. There has been times when I made more working just 2 hours than I did working 5 hours, so earnings can vary from ride to ride or even day by day. ( TIP: longer rides,equal more money) its that simple. Here's an example of rates for an UberX driver in Waterbury CT.

$1.75 Base fare +$0.16 per minute plus $1.10 per mile. Uber takes 20% of each trip you make and you keep 80%.
(DRIVER HEADS-UP) When you start out with Uber you get paid once a week, usually on a Wednesday. As I learned the hard way that is cool but it won't do. Gas becomes an issue especially if you don't already have a few bucks put away for gas, and even then you can still run into this problem. The solution to this is "Instant Pay" which in short allows you to request a portion of your earnings when you want or need it, and the rest of your earnings will be paid out to you on payday. Wait dont get too excited because in order to get " Instant Pay" you have to be a member for at least 14 days and have made at least 25 trips. Then you can apply for instant pay.

There is another way you can get your money quickly and when you need, but its not instant. You will be paid daily using this program so it would be wise to sign up here as soon as you join UBER, and before you start driving. The site is called DailyPay.com and its for UBER, LYFT, Delivery drivers and a few others similar service providers. What they do is pay you everyday instead of once a week and they charge .99 cents for any amount under $100 dollars and a $1.50 for any payout over $100. This should help you out when you first start driving.

You might run into a few complications but don't panic. I encountered this plenty of times and this is what I do to fix it.
Your UBER app may state that "theres an error,and it cant find your location"  don't panic. Turn your GPS button "off " if its on, then turn it back  "on " and try to access your UBER app again. If that doesn't work simply go to your applications in your phone, find your UBER app and clear the data or cache. Once you do this you will have to log into your UBER app again, but everything should be working then. Make sure you turn your GPS button back on because your UBER app will not work without it.
As far as navigation,  if your navigation doesn't work when you start your trip to drop off your rider, just go to the navigation app in your phone and manually enter your destination yourself, the UBER app will still be tracking you so you don't lose contact and still get your pay at the end of the trip. Once you reach your destination go into your UBER app and confirm your drop off. Sometimes the navigation issue fixes itself once you have completed your ride and are on to your next. If it doesn't you might have to start entering your destination manually into your navigation app. You can also just restart your phone, which helps from time to time as well.
Hope this info helps and I hope you join the UBER team if you need that extra income..it definitely works.
(Quick Tip) A good way to increase your income and help others identify who you are is an UBER sign. This will separate yourself from other UBER drivers and make it easier for customers to find you. Its also a good way to promote and get people who don't use UBER yet to join as a rider or driver. Definitely a conversation piece.. Theres several different types of signs you can use even custome ones. You can check them out here. UBER SIGNS

As usual with that being said I leave you with this, so get ya UBER on and Uber Everywhere.

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