Monday, October 24, 2016

Jesus Lives ( collage)

Jesus Lives...I definitely like this design because it really kind of speaks to me and anybody who has that type of relationship with Jesus, or should I say a strong faith in him. If it wasn't for him and his powerful positive influence I probably wouldn't be doing this at all,and most likely would have been dead already. He keeps me on track when im falling off. I say "Jesus Lives" because whether he walks this earth among us or not the positive vibes and attitude that emits from his energy live within those of us who have a strong faith in him. I like how this design came out on clothing..the larger cross hangs over your heart and almost seemingly hangs from your neck.
You can see this design on these items and more at the links below..

Check out these videos...sometimes the reason why we go through things is so that we learn and teach others about what we've gone through. You never know if they may be dealing with or have dealt with some of the same issues.

Talk about a blessing..whooo..more like a super blessing.

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