Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloody Zombie Skulls Collage

Ahhh yes...zombies and skulls... In today's times zombies and skulls are more popular than ever. They've come a long way since "Night of The Living Dead" and that timeless skull and crossbones design. With that being said, this design is a bit of both. Originally a quick doodle it started off as just a quick outline of a skull. I was just showing my girlfriend a quick easy way to draw a skull, and let her know its ok if its not perfect. While she was drawing her skull I decided to add a bit more to my little doodle. I started off drawing hair but in a dreadlock style, then thought it would look cool with bloody dreadlocks. I ended up basically just giving the skull a bloody dripping look pouring off of it. The teeth are not the usual teeth you would see in a skulls mouth, they're more like a mangled mess of sharp teeth with bloody, foamy saliva all over.
Once I was done with that it was time to make it a digital version since I liked how the doodle turned out. I simply took a picture of my hand drawing then toyed around with a few filters. When I came up with that black version of my drawing I decided that one skull is cool but how would it look on apparel and accessories. That made me turn it into a collage style of pattern which turned out to be a good idea. What you see now is the finished product. What I like about it and what I try and teach people is that your drawings dont have to be perfect or even finished to be considered art by someone else. So many people say they cant draw but sometimes thats the beauty of your work..simplicity...imperfections and so on. If your drawing is something you feel didnt turn out how you wanted, try creating a collage with it and see what you get. You just might create the next big design people fall in love with.
Check out some of the other products with this design on them here.

As usual I leave you with a little something to see. This time around I leave you with a little something from " The Walking Dead ".

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