Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Protection in Darkness (Sword and Shield )

This design I named Protection in Darkness and it was inspired by the good book and my kids. When I created this my son had just had a nightmare and I thought I'd like to design something for him to wear that would give him a little more confidence and help him when it comes to dealing with fears. The Biblical Sword and Shield immediately popped in my head. When I finished the design I thought about how many other parents out there are dealing with issues similar to ours. So I decided to add it to mens, women,  and children's accessories and apparel. Sometimes even adults need the strength and protection of a sword and shield. Hopefully it will give courage, strength and protection to those who wear it. This is the first design I have been able to add to a pair of sneakers so you can now get the same exact designs from head to toe. This sword and shield design has also be placed on a few new products as well. Here are a few of the newest products being added to my collections.

Also you can still get my usual products with this design on them here.

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