Monday, February 22, 2016

Joggers, Jordan's, And A Waters Glimmer Blackout Printed Shirt Make A Great Outfit

This is a good pairing of fine art, clothing, apparel and accessories. I call it the Waters Glimmer Outfit. This was my first attempt at putting an outfit together with my t-shirt and product design, combined with major retail clothing and apparel. Looks pretty good in my opinion, but thats just my opinion.

You can also get a similar look for your toddler who wants to look and be like his dad. Check out these cool little joggers by Seven Souls or these hot little Under Armour Little Boys’ Toddler “Heat Up” Track Pants. Naturally the sneakers may have to be different due to style and size but you get the basics of what I mean. The sneakers you see in this image you can get here. 

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