Sunday, January 15, 2017

Waters Reflection Collection


Grey and Green are the key words here..The color combo came out nicely. The design is actually a splash of water, with the light reflecting off the surface. Basically I extracted some parts of shine and eventually added color to it.. I decided to go with a bright green and grey because it pops out at you.. When I added it to the products the thing I really wanted to see was the sneakers and the hoodie..

These products will eventually go into a waters reflection collection to make them more accessible and easier to find. You can find the sneakers,hoodie and more here

This design also comes in a few other colors such as 


This design also comes on many other matching accessories and decor. Stay tuned for updates. 

Now to go completely off beat like i usually do and give you a lil something different. This time its not a shocker but definitely funny,so get your tissues and enjoy.

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