Saturday, March 26, 2016

Just Added Walmart To The List Of Money Savers and Earners

As you know I post art and apparel as well as money makers and savers. Today im adding Walmart to that list and heres why. On the savings tip Walmart can help you out when it comes to certain products and goods. Whether it be food, clothes, health care goodies and so on Walmart can help you save a bit of money. Did you know that you can also make money promoting the products you like, find or purchase there? 

Check this out...its very simple and if you have a large following or know someone who does you can benefit greatly as well. Walmart at the moment is offering 0.08 cents per click. In short they are offering you 8cents for each click you send thier way. Lets say for example you can get 1000 clicks today for posting an item you bought at Walmart. You can earn 80 bucks for that post. Its not required you get 1000 clicks thats just an example. You also get a commission on that item if it is bought, depending on its eligibility. Most companies dont offer you the pay per click offers and when they do it doesnt last. So take advantage now and sign up for Viglink so you can get your links and get paid.

Viglink helps you get paid from the links you post on social media sites and other outlets. When I started working with them I didnt have a blog so I would just post and share my links whenever or where ever I could. I suggest if you do sign up with Viglink, that you get yourself a free blog. The blog will make it easier for you to get your posts out there without your affiliate link being dropped. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others will not drop your links but sites like Wanelo and many similar selling platforms will drop those affiliate links resulting in loss of earnings. You dont need a blog but I do recommend it if you'd like to increase your earning potential. Heres an example .
I visited and found this new graphic tee they just got in. Disney Juniors Classic Mickey Graphic Tee which only costs $5.00.

I took the url link in the address bar and copied it. I then went to Viglink and clicked on the link that says "anywhere" and created my shortened link. Thats it now you simply post it where ever you want someone to see and share it. Before you know it you will start getting paid for the traffic you sent to Walmart using that link.

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