Tuesday, June 2, 2015

moving forward in life

As an adult you try to move forward in life, more so in a positive way than a negative one. You want better for you and your loved ones and you try to achieve that goal through thick and thin. Most of us continue to strive for that goal once set but you have something or someone who's keeping you grounded as if it or they dont want you to reach that goal. So when I made this I had those things in mind.. like wow some people and some things in life just dont want to let you move forward, so some times you gotta say to yourself or that person "if we cant move forward in life together,then I will go and move forward without you".. this in a way is a reminder to continue to move forward in life whether your together or not and whether times are good or bad. You will always find resistance in life but its how you deal with it that will make you or break you.

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