Thursday, February 16, 2017

Da YoungFellaz Custom Design



I just heard these dudes for the first time a few months ago and i was definitely feeln what i heard. I had to make a custom design for them on some respect for real music ishh.. This is my first custom design for anybody in the rap/hiphop industry. Their lyrics  and their beats are tight..🔥straight fire🔥 and i see they got some collabs with a few people ive been known to listen to.. Heres a lil taste of what i heard off the album Sophisticated Ignorance. You can check it out here for free or buy to keep. Track number 12 was the first song i ever heard from these brothas and definitely not the last. I gotta thank Da YoungFellaz for being cool dudes and letting me make this piece for them..definitely gotta thank them for liking and acknowledging this design and the gear..#support 

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Stop by and see all the apparel and accessories created with this design here.. Da YoungFellaz ( Custom designed Gear)

As usual i leave you with a lil video or clip of something.. Today i leave you with the latest video from Da YoungFellaz..