Thursday, March 12, 2015

haters and fakes

Haters and fakes will be haters and fakes period. .this watch is a reminder that haters and fakes will be haters and fakes all the time. You can also print this design on hundreds of products on the site and or simply share it and earn 15% of the sales.
haters and fakes watch
haters and fakes watch by Ourcorner
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for coffee lovers

Coffee can be highly addictive to many people who try it and ive been saying for years how coffee was a drug. ..yearslater coffee is now classified as a drug, lol..go figure. .anyways. ..I tease my wife the most about it even though I let most people know the same when they ask me if I drink coffee. .since coffee is now a drug will you be arrested for not having it in a prescription bottle with your name on it like we would if it was a prescribed drug? Lol..some probably say yes..well heres a quick look at the new prescription container for your coffee drug.