Monday, May 29, 2017

Manifest Sky and Manifest Da Green ( Rapper Manifest Wallace Depiction)


This piece was custom designed for rapper Manifest Wallace. In this pic you can see the dark version of him in deep thought while the others are praying over him.

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Manifest Sky gear and decor featuring rapper Manifest Wallace. Fans and supporters alike can earn a little cash supporting this brotha. Simply sign up and join when you stop by to purchase a product. Get your affiliate link and share.. Its that easy.

This design depicting rapper Manifest Wallace is called "Manifest Da Green". It shows the young rapper rapping on his mic and in the background a part of the city of Sacramento.

Manifest Da Green apparel here.

Heres a quick clip of one of his songs called "We Own The Night". Video compiled by yours truly and the Magisto app.

You can listen to his latest album "Look Around" here.. Definitely some hot bangers on this album with a good vibe.

Purchase his recent single entitled "Rewind" here


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